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johnWhen I went to Dr. Keith, my back and leg pain was so bad that I could hardly stand and walk. After my examination, Dr. Keith told me I had 2 choices: Back Surgery or his DRX-9000 treatment. I chose Dr. Keith’s treatment. After only four sessions, I started to feel better.

I still had pain, but not as severe as before. After I finished up the program Dr. Keith had set up for me on his DRX-9000 Spinal Decompression machine, I hardly had any pain! I can walk, bend and twist with only a tiny bit of pain on occasion.

I recommend the treatment for anyone who has back pain

John L


danSince a car accident in 1998 I had suffered from constant back pain. Standing or walking straight was intolerable.

Getting in or out of bed was painful, as was even just sitting in a chair. There was no position in which I was comfortable.

I consulted many different chiropractors, medical doctors and alternative medicine practitioners. Sometimes their treatments would temporarily help, but the pain would always come back, just as bad as ever. I was very close to giving up in total despair on the chance of any real recovery.

It was then that I heard a radio commercial about a non-surgical solution for back pain. But of course, I couldn’t help being skeptical when my wife and I first met Dr. Andrew Keith. Yet, he was very polite, sincere, and honest in explaining what steps must be taken . What really struck me, however, was a quality I have never seen anywhere else: his total confidence in my recovery and his compassion for my suffering. As far as the spinal decompression goes, IT WORKS! After 8 weeks of treatment, not only was the pain finally gone, but my confidence in my health was regained. I now go to 24 Fitness almost every day. I am so proud of myself and glad that I took that first step. I am so thankful for Dr. Keith & his friendly staff. Thank you so very much!

Daniel K.


Thank you very much for taking away the pain on my back that I had for over two years. I had been told by other doctors that I had spinal stenosis and the only way to get rid of my problem was with surgery. The non-surgical spinal treatment that I received in your office with the DRX-9000 did the job without surgery or pain.

My life has come back to normal. Before the treatment I could not walk more than half a block without pain, go to the market, or shop. Now I can do all these things with no pain at all. I cannot thank you enough.

Bertha M


kenMy name is Ken and I am 55 years old. Over the many years I have gone through 3 lower back surgeries which have left my spinal column looking like a war zone. Two Neurosurgeons said that it was a miracle I was walking considering the damage to my lower back. One doctor said he could possibly reduce my pain by 30%. The other doctor said he would not do anything until I was not walking at all and that I should feel lucky to be walking as good as I was. I was walking bent over and in misery.

During this time my medical doctor put me on pain pills and pain patches. I was hooked on pain medications and the problem was that the pain medication was not strong enough to control the terrible pain in my low back. To date I have gone through 20 treatments and I am now walking straight up and sitting straight without pain.

I SWEAR by this treatment (DRX-9000) and would recommend it to anyone with any type of low back pain. This has been a miracle for me and my wife as my life has been turned around and I feel like a new person again. I would like to thank Dr. Keith and his excellent staff for making me feel like a whole person again. Many Thanks!


sueIn 2007, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease by an orthopedic specialist after a great deal of pain from my neck all the way down my spine. He said sorry, but we can’t do anything about it and that I would end up in a wheel chair. In 2009, I found Dr. Keith. I started treatment at the beginning of February 2010 and now my back is completely healed. That’s not all; he is also treating my Epstein Barr virus that I have almost died twice from in four years.

My entire body was in pain 24/7. I had no hope left. I lived like that for 6 years, seeing medical specialists with no relief. Dr. Keith also can treat me for Epstein Barr with herbs and nutrition. I now have no pain. I have energy that I haven’t felt for so long. Now I have a brighter future ahead. I found Dr. Keith when I lost all hope and he has relieved me of all the suffering.

Susan P

“I want to thank you so much for the treatment you have given me.  As you know, I have been suffering a great deal over the past 20 years with lower back pain, complicated by disc degeneration disease.  Through your latest treatment, I have been able to cut my pain medication by 1/3 (80 mg) and still going down.  I have lived in such pain for so long that I find it hard to accept that my lower back is pain free!  I can go to bed and go right to sleep.  I do not have to move around to find that position of least pain to get to sleep, and I sleep through the night.  The stabbing and aching pain does not awaken me throughout the night.  I believe I will soon be totally free of all pain medication and be able to work and become a functional person in society again.  Dr. Keith, this is nothing short of a miracle.  Thank you!”

Michael K.


“After suffering through years of lower back pain and thinking that surgery was to be my last recourse, Dr. Keith introduced me to the DRX-9000 as an alternative to surgery.  Dr. Keith has provided treatment for my injured back for many years and has provided excellent care in the treatment of my pain.  However, my last back injury had resisted treatment and when Dr. Keith learned of this new treatment/therapy machine, he recommended that I look into it when I arrived at his office.  Dr. Keith explained in detail how the DRX-9000 works and how effective it was based on previous patient histories.  He went on to explain how this machine differs from normal back traction machines and how more effective the DRX-9000 treatment is in treating lower back pain.  Dr. Keith explained how the stretching of the lower lumbar region allows the damaged (swollen) disc to recover and heal.  After reviewing the treatment routine and deciding on the benefits of this new approach, we began treatment.  Over a couple of weeks of treatment, the pain relief was not noticeable, but due to the professional and caring treatment of his staff, with a slight modification, a noticeable improvement was made with my back.  It has now been three months since my treatment and my back feels 100% better!  I’m able to bend over without pain and able to do normal day-to-day activities without pain or fear of re-injuring my back.  Before the treatments, I was able to count the number of pain-free days per month using one hand.  I’m now counting the days on minor back-pain that goes away immediately with back stretching exercises using one hand for three months!  If you have been suffering from lower back for years like me, I highly recommend that you meet with Dr. Keith and his staff for treatment with the DRX-9000.  It really works!” – Rex

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